Love, Loss And The Broken Time Machine

by Cruzado

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released August 31, 2010



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Cruzado Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: My Next Turn
I was born covered in hope,
now I'm crawling on the floor,
picking up pieces of this broken love.

I'm waiting for my next turn,
and while it comes I'll take some rest.

I'm waiting for your next punch,
I know it'll land right on my face.

I woke up covered in blood,
somewhere I'd not been before,
the sky is brown, your eyes are red,
my heart is grey.


The sun goes up.
The sun comes down.
The sun doesn't even come around.
Track Name: Teenagers
She looked at the car,
it's on fire, she blew it up
all the flames shining bright,
and some people are lying on the ground.

But tomorrow it'll all be the same,
the sadness that gets in the way of everyone.
She's so tired.

I licked all her wounds,
and we flew to a cave in the moon.
There, we built a house,
and I made her a new heart with mine.

Oh, we were so happy for a while
until they came to get us back down.
I lost my arms when we were escaping.

We wanted to get away but we didn't know where.
Track Name: Little Thing To Hum Along
We could disappear.
Track Name: The Broken Time Machine
One of these days I'll fix this time machine,
it just needs a couple of things. I've got all the parts in that box.

I can't wait to see you.

My memories of you are slipping away. I can't remember what's real. Today I woke up feeling sad.

Your picture has faded.

(The sun's fallen into the sea and now all my days are so dark)

(Last night I couldn't remember your name)
Track Name: Us In The Nineties
I was dying to tell you something, I called you twice but you didn't answer.
This place is so small, nothing seems to happen.
I had a dream, you said "One day, we'll get to leave, one day we'll get to leave".

I was listening to "Blue Line Swinger" and for some reason I thought of you. So I turned it up when the drums kick in, it's so fucking good.

I wish that you were with me.

All the things inside my head.
All the things I tried to say.
Track Name: Hindenburg Love
I couldn't see but then I found you.